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Month: September 2016

On Reading David Loy’s “A New Buddhist Path”

Graham Lock

51-pizf25qlI have recently finished David R. Loy’s latest book A New Buddhist Path: Enlightenment, Evolution and Ethics in the Modern World (2015, Boston: Wisdom Publications). While reading it I found myself frequently saying, “Yes! yes!” and furiously underlining passages to read again later (though, knowing me, I probably won’t).

I’ll try to briefly summarize his main ideas and explain my reaction. Of course, what I say has inevitably been filtered through and reconstructed by my mind, and in such a summary a lot of the nuances in his arguments will of course be lost. If you want an accurate and full account of what he says, then please read the book.

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Border Dancer

Steve Braff


– to 4/4 swing at a 140 tempo –

Left Deer Gods’ land by way Siddhartha
cemented Highway six lanes south
bused on bumpy from Lumbini
Buddha born by Maya Devi
hip right holy to Shravasti
hit the border, pay the Levi
waiting, waiting toll booth stall
India sign some four foot small
drivers peering silent leering
spy the damsel up the by way
sari swathed she stand sway tall
slow her dancing lane to lane
wistful flowers bright for telling
prayers for selling, selling all.

Note: ‘Border Dancer’ is my homage to the woman who danced, blossoms for rupees, just past the tollbooths straddling the Nepal/India border.

Click here to listen to Steve’s reading of this poem on his Bandcamp profile.

Make Your Own Vegan Sweet Potato Snowy Mooncakes

From the Buddhistdoor team

With people around the world celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival, Shereese, Kind Chef of the Kind Kitchen Class at Green Common, shows you how to make your very own Vegan Sweet Potato Snowy Mooncakes – delicious, healthy, and with minimal ecological impact.

Special thanks:
Kind Kitchen @ Green Common
Happy Baking Sunday

@Green Common
@Happy Baking Sunday

Food, Change, and Survival: What the Cockroach Teaches Us


Hal the cockroach, a character from Pixar's Wall-E. From n2citrus.com

Hal the cockroach, a character from Pixar’s Wall-E. From n2citrus.com

In 1915, Franz Kafka wrote The Metamorphosis, a novel about a man who woke up one morning transformed into a verminous creature, probably a cockroach. His family is disgusted and repelled by his new form and the rest of the novel is about his struggle to adapt to the change. Why do cockroaches evoke such strong revulsion in us, and why do they flip so many of our assumptions about animals and impermanence upside down?

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The Sage, the Wayfarer, and the Treasure in the Desert

Raymond Lam

From cong.dvrlists.com

From cong.dvrlists.com

Imagine an endless desert, sparsely populated by tribes struggling to survive in a hostile wasteland. Murmuring starts to circulate in the scattered villages about a grotto of incredible treasure so precious that discovering this cave would summon miracles that restore verdant green and life to the desert.

Accompanying the rumors about this incredible treasure are whispers about two mysterious figures who have been travelling to every village, stopping to preach conflicting ways this treasure can be accessed. One, which folk simply call the Wayfarer, urges everyone he meets to take the meager resources and tools they have and journey with him to find this cave. It’s out there somewhere, he proclaims, and while not everyone will live to see it, a generation in the future eventually will. Many are daunted by the prospect of leaving their already precarious life behind to possibly die wandering the desert to locate the grotto, while others are excited by the Wayfarer’s systematic, carefully thought-out plan.

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