Ivan Latham

Amida Sanzon Ritsuzo Enkakuji Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture

By Amitabha’s infinite light, we truly see the world as a shadow. Compounded things dim, impermanent things lose their shine and lustre. All things are seen for the emptiness that they are. All reduces, decreases, withers before Amitabha. The ego is pushed down, the buddha-nature within rises up, and our perceptions become more acute, tuned to Amitabha’s reality; the reality of His dharma of this purest of Pure Land paths. Joy increases, there is a lightness of being because we have thrown all on the Lord of Infinite Life and Light. We have relinquished our baggage and laid ourselves in the arms of Amitabha’s unfailing compassion and supreme wisdom. Like a child trusting its parent, we trust in Amitabha. He has become All, our reality, our truth, and nothing else can hold our attention.

The beauty of the dharma – Amitabha’s Dharma – surpasses the beauty of the non-lasting things of the world, and like moths to a flame, we fly to it. But Amitabha’s light does not burn us. It envelops and embraces us, so that we have eyes for nothing and no-one except Him. And with our gaze transfixed, we are drawn onwards and upwards, out of Samsara, to the shores of Amitabha’s Pure Land; where, at last we shall be fully and finally liberated by Him and our buddhahood attained.