Shine, mighty Name!
Your splendour turning dark nights of the soul
to day;
The rays of Namo Amitabha
Piercing clouds of ignorance,
Blazing in the twilight where fears dwell,
Burning away the chaff to which craving
hearts cling,
Your spotlight scattering shades of fury
And kindling in its place Nianfo peace;
Shine, mighty Name!

The wings of grace that carry all who cling to
Aloft to Bliss;
Voice of Sukhavati,
The Fundamental Word
That transcends flesh and blood,
And in your six syllables contain
The fullness of Amitabha’s life;
Unhindered, limitless, boundless and eternal,
You are heard throughout all realms
And in all worlds,
Declaring as you flutter from the lips
Of a trillion trillion creatures
In heaven and earth and hell,
Our final liberation;
Shine, mighty Name!

Shine on for ever,
Lamp of this darkening age,
That like moths, all beings shall flee
Irresistibly to your embrace.
Namo Amituofo!