Ivan Latham

Long I had slept, but now by Sukhavati’s light
Truly I see the world as a shadow;
Compounded things dim,
Impermanent things lose their shine and lustre.
All things are seen for the emptiness that they are;
All reduces, decreases, withers before Amitabha;
Ego is pushed down, the buddha-nature within rises up
On Nianfo wings;
Perceptions crystalise, tuned to Amitabha’s reality;
The reality of His dharma of this purest of Pure Land paths;
Joy increases; there is a lightness of being

Because I have thrown all on the Lord of Infinite Life and Light.
I have relinquished the baggage of my karmic debt
And laid myself in the arms of Amitabha’s unfailing compassion,
And walk by the light of His supreme wisdom.
Like a child trusting its parent,
My hope is in the Father of the Pure Land;
He has become All, my reality, my truth,
And nothing else can hold my attention.
The beauty of the dharma — Amitabha’s dharma —
Surpasses the beauty of the non-lasting things of the world,
And like a moth to a flame, I fly to it.
But Amitabha’s light does not burn me;
It envelops and embraces me
So that I have eyes for nothing and no-one except Him;
And with gaze transfixed, I am drawn onwards and upwards,
Out of Samsara, to the shores of Sukhavati,
Where, at last I shall be fully and finally liberated by Him,
And Buddhahood attained.
Namo Amituofo!