Ivan Latham

The Flowering Heart. From Earth Hive

Every newborn is like a lotus flower that rises from the muddy water, untainted. It is new life emerging from the Samsaran dirt, life that reflects Pure Land perfection. Only the negative karmic imprints that this life carries with it can taint the lotus as they ripen souring the fragrance, sullying the bloom. But the original beauty and perfection can be restored. Many attempt this restoration themselves by practicing mindfulness and virtue, trying to nurture the bodhi mind through meditation, that the lotus might bloom again.

But in this last dharma age, such self-powered practices are increasingly futile; the Buddhahood we seek under our own steam can take countless more lifetimes to achieve, and the truth is that we are unlikely to achieve it at all. So, what can we do? Shakyamuni Buddha gave us the answer. We can follow the Pure Land path, entrusting ourselves to the power of Amitabha Buddha, who will take us to His Pure Land upon our leaving this world, where our Buddhahood can be realised immediately. Where the lotus can bloom again by His infinite light, and the fragrance of the Dharma will be restored forever.

Namo Amitabha!