Ivan Latham

The purest form of grace I know
Is shown in vows forged long ago;

A bodhi mind aspired to save
All beings caught within the wave

Of grim Samsara’s round of birth –
A mighty Vow that shook the earth;

While from the heavens flowers fell,
That fluttered to the deepest hell,

And Dharma fragrance even there
Perfumed the dark and hopeless air;

Then devas, men and hungry ghosts –
In every realm these countless hosts –

Saw piercing their Samsaric night
A dazzling and unhindered Light,

And heard these words: “Would you receive
Rebirth in Bliss? Then just believe
In My resolve and power to save
All beings from Samsara’s wave,
And say My Name, My Name alone,
That at the end, when life is done,
I shall appear before your eyes;
(You have My word that your demise
Pertains to but conditioned things);
Your bodhi mind shall rise on wings
To Sukhavati’s blissful shore,
And Namo Amitabha ever more!”