Landscapes of the Heart

Landscapes of the Heart

Buddhistdoor Global presents Landscapes of the Heart, a series of Buddhist themed short stories on Tea House, Buddhistdoor Global’s webzine.

This collection features stories originally written in Chinese-language anthologies by emeritus professor Lee Chack-fan, director of the Jao Tsung-I Petite Ecole at The University of Hong Kong. Now retold in English prose by Buddhistdoor Global senior writer Raymond Lam, Landscapes of the Heart brings to life characters spanning eras and continents, who make peace with their mistakes, come to terms with loneliness and hurt, and encounter transformative people and perspectives.

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  1. I never considered myself a short story fan (apart from when Stephen King does it), but these look super interesting, even for me I guess short stories would be good as a transition between full length books, or just a “quickie since i don”t need to commit to a full book