Eating Pains

By turning pain into pleasure, I was simply feeding on pain in a more delicious form. There’s a peculiar satisfaction that comes with being able to endure pain that’s similar to the perverse satisfaction that comes from inflicting pain on others. If we look closely, this elevated feeling isn’t that different from indulging in our […]

Dharamshala’s Cafe129: A Haven of Indo-Korean-Tibetan Friendship

Although I’ve visited India several times, I’ve never been to Dharamshala­ before. This cramped but beautiful city, which shot to international fame as a community for Tibetans, is home to a cozy new café called Café129. This beautiful establishment is under the stewardship of journalist-turned-restaurateur Yeonsuk Ka, who in the short span of less than […]

Sirius or Capella

Fresh mint is nothingbut clusters of stars,and a screwed top jarmeasures the limit ofman’s contemplation. Just slice the goat’scheese and a singlegalaxy has divided. Decorate the regionof the sky with berries,and blend all the confusion which still exists. Gently fold into thesweetcorn theemissions generated,the mango mixtureof brilliant vindication. George Cassidy Payne is a poet from […]