Raymond Lam

Raymond Lam is senior writer at Buddhistdoor Global. He also plans, writes, and edits the Tea House sub-site. For over a decade, he has reported on and analyzed Buddhist affairs and their interconnected, global matters in culture and the arts, politics and diplomacy, and academia. He is aligned with a cosmopolitan, orthodox, and historically-informed vision of Mahayana and early Buddhism (in particular Huayan and Pure Land). He took refuge and the five lay precepts under the late Ven. Rong Ling in 2008 and Ven. Prof. Dhammajoti in 2022, and underwent the Five Mindfulness Trainings as devised by the late Thich Nhat Hanh in 2013.

He read theology at The University of Queensland, Brisbane (2009) and Buddhist Studies at SOAS, London (2012). He became a journalist of religion at BDG in 2010.