Imee Ooi and JSJG Home Concert – Sending off 2021

On 29 December, Imee Ooi and her male vocal group, JSJG, livestreamed a Buddhist-themed concert to send off 2021 and welcome the New Year. 

On their YouTube channel, Imee Ooi and JSJG stated: “2021 is coming to an end. In these trying times of the pandemic and natural calamities, may we survive and stay strong by cultivating abundance of peace, compassion and kindness. May our music containing the light of dharma bring you calmness and courage to peacefully face the world.”

Imee Ooi FRSA is a Chinese-Malaysian record producer, composer, and singer who composes and arranges music for classic Buddhist chant, mantra, and dharani. She performs her compositions in Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan, and Mandarin.

JSJG – Jing Shi Jin Gang (Pure Land Diamond) – was formed by Imee Ooi in 2015. The eight-member troupe’s mission and vision is to contribute to a better world with songs of loving-kindness, peace and light. Each member is named after a “vajra” symbolizing strength in meditative wisdom and compassion.  

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