Life, Happiness, and the Master of Buddhist Studies at HKU

Since 2002, the University of Hong Kong’s Centre of Buddhist Studies has remained Hong Kong’s premier institute for Buddhist Studies, with an ever-expanding community of international alumni.

Now, enrolments are open for applications for the Master of Buddhist Studies (MBS) program of 2022-23.

BDG is proud to work with CBS to present these testimonials from Hong Kong-based members of the alumni community. No matter their background or present journey, each alumnus looks back fondly on their diverse and enriching time with CBS.

The MBS has long combined a rigorous pedagogy in the tradition of critical Buddhist Studies with an inquiring spirit into the meaning of life. Students come from all walks of life, from fresh BA graduates to professionals seeking night classes to retirees that want to return to studying. It is a flexible and enjoyable program that will set up aspiring Buddhist Studies scholars for an MPhil and PhD. However, over the last two decades, thousands of alumni and students have found the MBS a source of intellectual and spiritual inspiration of lasting value far beyond graduation. 

The concept of “sustainable happiness” has shaped the MBS over many years, inviting students to reflect holistically on their personal path of spiritual development, regardless of religious affiliation and spiritual practice (or lack thereof).  

In addition to textual studies and Buddhist philosophy and history, the CBS has established courses in Buddhist counselling and psychology, which will be of interest to healthcare workers, social workers, clinical psychologists, and others in human-oriented professions. We will have more information on this in the coming month of January.

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