Namibia and Buddhism’s shared future

A message for the children of Amitofo Care Centre Namibia

This message is for Director Chen of ACC Namibia and her esteemed ACC colleagues and carers, along with the great teachers from Taiwan. It is for our ACC friends in Hong Kong, and last but not least, it is for the amazing children of this campus.

My colleague Alex and I were delighted to be here, and to see for ourselves the amazing work that ACC is doing to transform lives, educate minds, and refine the person in every meaningful respect.

The conditions for my team being here arose when ACC HK’s CEO and my friend, Jasmine, invited us to make a documentary about Buddhism in Africa, and the significance of ACC’s presence here in light of its 20th anniversary.

Image by Raymond Lam

I think it has been absolutely inspiring, enlightening, and heartwarming to see the camaraderie between ACC children, how much fun they have and how much they learn every single day, and how effortlessly they integrate the Buddhist way of life into their local ways and cultural traditions. The laughter, the learning, and most importantly, the hope with which they approach their futures is simply incredible.

If I can speak directly and briefly to the children of ACC Namibia: you are blessed with a path with real milestones to be proud of: cultivating discipline at school, learning the value of hard work and an open mind, and appreciating the teachings of Buddhism, whether or not you formally choose that path in the future. All the skills you are accumulating now will lead you on to futures that can see your talents flourish, open the way to fulfilling careers, and lay the foundations for a life you can be proud of.

The Milky Way above ACC Namibia. Image by Alex Leung

I like to tell people that the story of Buddhism in Africa won’t be about necessarily Namibians becoming Buddhist, but how Buddhism becomes part of Namibia. I do not have a crystal ball, and no one knows what the world will look like ten, twenty, or 100 years from now. But I think the future Buddhism of Namibia will be one that, true to today’s dazzling performances, is a Dharma that loves song, that loves dance, that is full of rhythm and life and the love of life. It is the future that ACC hopes that you girls and boys will build.

I have been a religion journalist for many years, but it does not take anyone particularly informed to see that you are all growing into fine children, and eventually into fine young women and men.

I wish you all the very best with your unique individual paths, and thank you again for hosting us.

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