A Message from Amitabha Buddha to All Sentient Beings

From On Love A Discourse by Dharma Master Huijing Pure Land Buddhism Amitabha-Recitation Society, December 23 and 27, 2015 The Sutra of Infinite Life and Splendor says: May sentient beings caught in the various realms of rebirth be reborn soon in my land, so they can enjoy peace and happiness. Exercising compassion constantly to save all beings, I will […]

No Matter What

By Master Huijing; English translation by Jingtu No matter what, Amitabha’s Fundamental Vow Is like diamond, never changing. No matter what, Amitabha thinks of me Like a mother remembers her child, never abandoning it. No matter what, Amitabha is with me Every moment, never letting me go. No matter what, sinful sentient beings Need Amitabha and […]