Master Huijing’s Short Dharma Teachings about Taking Refuge in Amitabha

Amitabha Buddha’s light is infinite and boundless, illuminating all of the worlds in the boundless and endless universe. In terms of space, he can deliver sentient beings in any place. Amitabha Buddha is omnipresent, pervading in all Dharma realms throughout endless empty space. The vastness of Amitabha Buddha has no limit. There is no space […]

It’s Good to be Mediocre

From Peanuts LLC Master Jingzong; English translation by Foying, edited by Jingxing I’ve grown fond of the Chinese character Ping (平). To describe someone as Ping Yong (平庸) (mediocre) is rather unflattering, isn’t it? Not necessarily so. To be mediocre is fine: just ordinary and moderate. Being mediocre means of only average quality, but aren’t we all […]

The Deep Void

Master Jingzong; English translation by Fole, edited by Fojin When I was young, I liked staring at a patch of blue sky surrounded by fluffy white clouds. It looked so deep and boundless to me. I was fascinated and could look at it all day. This is my intuitive feeling, as a man on earth, […]

Master Huijing’s Short Dharma Teachings about Attributes of the Pure Land Sect of Buddhism: Worldly Truths (2)

A passage from the I Ching can be taken as our “mirror” to reflect on the cultivation of morality – Scoundrels shift blame and snatch credit. Ordinary people cover up mistakes and flaunt their achievements. Superior persons decline acclaim and reward for their accomplishments. Those of surpassing virtue share the bitterness and blame from others’ […]

Master Huijing’s Short Dharma Teachings about Attributes of the Pure Land School: Worldly Truths

A practitioner should remain quiet about his achievements and flaunt his mistakes. Why? If we reveal our wrongdoings and mistakes to others, our karmic obstructions will be cleared. If we cover them up, the karmic obstructions will become even heavier. If we have reached certain goals or received credit for our accomplishments, we should keep […]

Master Huijing’s Dharma Teaching on the Infinite Life Sutra

The Infinite Life Sutra mainly reveals the cause and effect of Amitabha’s deliverance of sentient beings, and emphasizes the merits and virtues of exclusive recitation of Amitabha’s Name. The merits and virtues of exclusive recitation of Amitabha’s Name are vast. Whether you are a monastic or householder, a practitioner or not, you can exclusively recite […]