Master Huijing’s Dharma Words about Benefits in Amitabha-recitation

The Buddha’s Name contains Amitabha’s great compassion, great vow power, and great meritorious virtues. This Name is alive and active, as it has the Buddha’s eyes, ears, and conscience. So, when we recite his Name, Amitabha Buddha can hear it immediately and, in response, appears to protect us, to clear all our karmic obstructions, and […]

No Matter What

By Master Huijing; English translation by Jingtu No matter what, Amitabha’s Fundamental Vow Is like diamond, never changing. No matter what, Amitabha thinks of me Like a mother remembers her child, never abandoning it. No matter what, Amitabha is with me Every moment, never letting me go. No matter what, sinful sentient beings Need Amitabha and […]