400 Million Miles From the Sun

Beauty is located insidea gravitational tango,one where we become a celibate partner with Jupiter;where we are grateful just to drink from muddy waters,clean as it was first drunk by thecephalopods 400 millionmiles from the Sun. George Cassidy Payne is a poet from Rochester, NY. His work has been included in such publications as the Hazmat Review, Moria Poetry Journal, Chronogram […]

Seen from the Surface of Mars

Beneath the scars hiddenin the crevasses, two solareclipses can be seen from the surface of Mars.A place where all creaturesknow how to suffer together. A place where forever wild meanssomething more than a bumper sticker.A place where the seas of our galaxycast doubt on the prospects of living.Where everything is an ancient memory,and Hubble’s children are illuminated […]