Seen from the Surface of Mars

Beneath the scars hidden
in the crevasses, two solar
eclipses can be seen 
from the surface of Mars.

A place where all creatures
know how to suffer together. 

A place where forever wild means
something more than a bumper sticker.

A place where the seas of our galaxy
cast doubt on the prospects of living.

Where everything is an ancient memory,
and Hubble’s children are illuminated by
the candlelight of distant storm clouds.

George Cassidy Payne is a poet from Rochester, NY. His work has been included in such publications as the Hazmat Review, Moria Poetry Journal, Chronogram Journal, Ampersand Literary Review, the Angle at St. John Fisher College, and 3:16 Journal. George’s blogs, essays and letters have appeared in the USA Today, Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic, the Havana Times, the South China Morning Post, the Buffalo News, and more. 

See all his poems on Tea House here.

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