Tonight: A Zoom Conversation with Matthieu Ricard!

Tonight on 19 July at 19:00, our sister platform, Buddhistdoor en Español (BDE), will be co-hosting with Padmapani Publications a conversation with acclaimed monk and author Matthieu Ricard about his new book: Enlightened Vagabond: The Life and Teachings of Patrul Rinpoche. The program is hosted in Spanish (Vagabundo iluminado: La vida y enseñanzas de Patrul Rinpoche), but Matthieu Ricard will be speaking in English. 

The life and teachings of the wandering yogi Patrul Rinpoche—a highly revered Buddhist master and scholar of nineteenth-century Tibet—come alive in true stories gathered and translated by the French Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard over more than thirty years, based on the oral accounts of great contemporary teachers as well as written sources. Patrul’s life story reveals the nature of a highly realized being as he transmits the Dharma in everything he does, teaching both simple nomads and great lamas in ways that are often unconventional and even humorous, but always with uncompromising authenticity.

“Patrul Rinpoche is one of the greatest Tibetan masters of the past few hundred years. He was a deeply learned scholar and also a humble yogi who renounced fame and power to devote his life to practice and guiding others along the path. The experiential lineage that he taught continues to this day. His teachings have influenced countless meditators, including scholars and yogis from all four of Tibet’s main Buddhist lineages. This wonderful book paints an inspiring portrait of this great master. It will be of great benefit to all those interested in the path of awakening.”

—Mingyur Rinpoche, author of The Joy of Living

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