Black Sun

Black sun of my core
The agonies of ruined loves belong to you
The loss of my only child

Is the shadow that falls
Since there is light
I do not deny you

For I know you are a deft master
No one can avoid you
Or hide from you
You are the lord at the other end of life

For the one who is born from a womb
Shall rest within you in the nights evermore

You are the executioner of the dreamers
Of the drunks of a puerile life
You are the confirmation of wisdom
Of the ones who ever saw you sideways

You are the master of impermanence
Those who refuse you, dream
Those who contemplate, wake

I live without fear of you
Though I fear my lack of awareness
Of your arrival
After all, you are not
Different from perfection
For in your womb arises
The luminosity of the unborn

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