Lovers of Truth

Love is the absolute The unsurpassable The final dissolution Without destination May I be the lover The honey in all your senses The softness of the goddess May your heart open broadly Without anything to hold back Just pure deliverance May we see our eyes mirroringPure songs humming And the fragrance of fire Burning Clouding the […]


I make offerings with my body, speech and mindMay we understand the principle of the LotusThe inherent purity of the mindThe jewel that is beyond contaminationIn this difficult times of poverty, sickness, ignorance, violence and greedPlease, Lotus Born, guide usOffer the shelter of your wisdom mindBring our experience to Dharma,Magnetizing our willEnhance our qualities and […]


The lies in my mind are so many From the complete denial of impermanence To my weak and superficial recognition We claim the right to express our personality as sacred. This so-called freedom, this is a false kindness. It’s the big modern samsaric hoax. I see in myself so much rebelliousness in applying the methods […]