“A Hidden Life”: A Portrait of Non-Violent Action in an Era of Suffering and Spiritual Silence

Filmmaker Terrence Malick’s most recent release, A Hidden Life, takes place in St. Radegund, a rural Austrian municipality of approximately 500 people. Based on a true story, the film follows Franz Jägerstätter, a farmer who takes peaceful action by refusing to swear allegiance to Hitler and to fight in the German military during the Second […]

Filmmaker Lowery’s Visual Depiction of Samsara in “A Ghost Story”

In his spectacular and original picture A Ghost Story, filmmaker David Lowery illustrates what happens to those who are unable to let go. Apparently Lowery had always wanted to make a movie about ghosts—yet instead of falling back on the stereotypical ghost as the terrifying and unpalpable “other,” he subverts the genre by having the […]

Louise Erdrich’s “LaRose”: Lessons on Suffering, Healing and Impermanence

When Landreaux Iron accidentally shoots his best friend Peter’s son during the hunting season, the lives of the two families become irreversibly changed. Landreaux would give anything to undo his deadly mistake, and his wife Emmaline cannot imagine how either of the families—already intricately bound by blood and now all the more so by the […]

More Human

In the aftermath of the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas on 3 August and in Dayton, Ohio on the 4th, both President Trump and Texas Governor Abbott have named mental ill-health as one of the main culprits for these horrific actions.  This has sparked a strong reaction from mental health advocates and organizations. […]


Aigua Blava Beach, Begur, Spain. Photo by Peter Müller. Suppose there were a pool of water—clear, limpid, and unsullied. A man with good eyesight standing there on the bank would see shells, gravel, and pebbles, and also shoals of fish swimming about and resting. Why is that? Because of the unsullied nature of the water. […]