The lies in my mind are so many
From the complete denial of impermanence
To my weak and superficial recognition
We claim the right to express our personality as sacred.
This so-called freedom, this is a false kindness.
It’s the big modern samsaric hoax.
I see in myself so much rebelliousness in applying the methods that lead to liberation
Where is the intelligence in this action?
We know the course of everything that is composed: development, apogee, and decline
Still, as foolish children we wait for a miraculous rescue until the last moment, from the ultimate deception, death
Alone with death.
The teacher we can not avoid, deceive or overcome with ordinary means
Only the one who is not born can be free.
Buddha in human form, precious Guru, you who know the Path
Continue to teach us compassionately
May our merits be abundant to have your presence in our minds until spiritual maturity is accomplished.

What are your thoughts?