Leap Out of the River of Time

Master Jingzong; English translation by Foyi, edited by Fojin 

Time is like a river of boiling water. We jump and scurry frantically in it to avoid being scalded. But all our efforts are of no avail.

With the rapid development of technology and the economy, has there been a corresponding reduction in human suffering?

Namo Amitabha has pulled us out of this boiling water so that we can decide if we want to run fast or just walk leisurely. But we have been long accustomed to “hurrying along”. Even when it comes to reciting the name of Amitabha, we can’t help speeding up, trying to squeeze in as many recitations as possible within a short time. It is just like a puppy spinning in circles to try and catch the grass that is stuck on its tail, only to find itself getting nowhere. It is also like a blind-folded donkey turning a millstone. Even if its eye patch is removed, the donkey still keeps on moving round and round and round. Our habit of rushing is so stubborn that even when we recite the name of Amitabha, we do it in haste, wondering if something extraordinary is in store for us ahead.

By and by, our frantic minds will slow down and we will come to realize that there is no sense in all the hurrying and scurrying.

For as long as we refuse to leap out of the boiling river of time, we will never get peace of mind.

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