At the Core

My heart is a self-published book, likea snake shedding its skin, I have an infinite supply of words and pages toturn over.Yet my whole past andmy entire future has been recordedon a single page.38 years of life.One exposed, solitary page. Stored in metallic ink,each morning reachingamelioration.  George Cassidy Payne is a poet from Rochester, NY. His work has been included […]


is a vast desolate plantation withan eerie wind tone signaling deep space.It’s an ocean of forbidden red wine reaching for throats once transformed into statues smearedin albatross shit. The kind you step into when wandering the dusty sidewalks of Atlantic City smokingyour last pack of Newports.Petrified shit clinging to the skin like an Amarillo clings to its […]

Friendship and Identity: Who is Reuniting with Who?

Raymond Lam December last year was a delightful conclusion to 2015 for me because my best mates and I had organized a reunion in Ho Chi Minh City. I’ve known one friend since kindergarten, the other two are more or less my best university buddies. What was perhaps most encouraging, and I daresay touching, was that despite having passed so many years apart and living […]