A Midnight Oracle

Spread on the seagrass, curved as fishing knives, the cards of my past arrive unexpectedly, three swords piercing the heart, the only organ that won’t bleed to death, while the sleepy moon turns its encrusted eyes from molten tears falling on the gray, blushingcheeks of a corpse. I am no knight, but no one said I was. I am no devil either, although some declare […]


Fragile, shalehands holdthe wombwilderness isbornThe CosmosWalleyed PikesJune nights andthe call of LoonsEverything thatwe need to dreamTo feelTo loveSo littleseparatesus from whatwe needThe nightyou werebornWearing the skin of GodThe worldwas bornMy new CosmosAnd by the timeit was writteneven Green Heronin the cool spring marshcould tell me George Cassidy Payne is a poet from Rochester, NY. His work has been […]