Earth Day 2022: Only So Many Chances

Today is Earth Day, a perfect opportunity to rethink our conventional paradigms that are dooming the planet’s livability for human beings. Today I would like to explore briefly several ideas alluded to in yesterday’s post. The first is Dr. María Elvira Ríos’ exploration of ganying, Dependent Origination in Óscar Carrera’s writing, and Jordi Solé Ollé’s exploration […]

Leaving the Tunnel

Nothing we see is color Cezanne said that but no one believed him All we really see is light The mineral-laden earth with its zillions of herbal veins and carnivorous flowers mere pinpoints of light reverberations of molecular light adorned with ornaments of human bones George Cassidy Payne is a poet from Rochester, NY. His work has been included in such publications as the Hazmat Review, Moria […]

Promise of Spring

My snow dirtied mind, squandered with rain and dirt,is ready.These ancient trails call my nameand I am ready.To be alone in a temple of deep space, my cardinal ears are ready.Where there is no religion but God and sun and land and the scent of boiled arrowroot,gathering on my neck and chest,I am ready.I am ready. George Cassidy Payne is a poet from Rochester, […]