At the Core

My heart is a self-published book, likea snake shedding its skin, I have an infinite supply of words and pages toturn over.Yet my whole past andmy entire future has been recordedon a single page.38 years of life.One exposed, solitary page. Stored in metallic ink,each morning reachingamelioration.  George Cassidy Payne is a poet from Rochester, NY. His work has been included […]

Friendship and Identity: Who is Reuniting with Who?

Raymond Lam December last year was a delightful conclusion to 2015 for me because my best mates and I had organized a reunion in Ho Chi Minh City. I’ve known one friend since kindergarten, the other two are more or less my best university buddies. What was perhaps most encouraging, and I daresay touching, was that despite having passed so many years apart and living […]