Your Words Are the Path

It doesn’t matter thatno one cares. Keep writing. Do it.It doesn’t matter. Thevoice that tells you howit’s crap.The voice thatsays it doesn’t matter. The one that tells youthat good is notgood enough. That one. The one that doesn’twant you to create anythingbecause it is trying to savewhat it knows. The voicethat tells you that it knowsbut doesn’t. Keep writing.Don’t stop. […]

Disenchant and Re-enchant: Spiritual Writing for a Cynical Age

Last week Buddhistdoor Global published a View about infusing the media industry with the values of the Noble Eightfold Path. Each “stoke” of the Eightfold Path can have fairly complicated considerations, but then again, journalism is a complicated industry. I also believe that regardless of our platform, whether it’s online or print, writers don’t give […]


Steve Braff The left wing tips down into a lazy bank right above the bilious white cloud skyscrape to the horizon – an immensity that almost eclipses the jagged profile of distant range that Everesting place of the so many aspirants fallen. I stare into that expanse and try to take my measure. Humbled, we fall […]