A Farewell Miracle from Thrangu Rinpoche

One Last Dance

I come to you from Namo Buddha, Nepal, where His Holiness Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche was cremated on the 4th of November.

On this day, my root guru, under whom I took my first significant refuge commitment, left this world to enter parinirvana sublime.

He shed his earthly body like a pearl
and rise to rainbow body, pure and primal.

Image courtesy of Rebecca Wong
Image courtesy of Rebecca Wong

On this auspicious Buddha day, I prayed
and honored him with sixteen offerings.

I danced the Vajra dance with joy and peace to celebrate his glorious blessings.

He taught me how to live and how to die.
He showed me how to love and how to serve.

Image courtesy of Rebecca Wong

He gave me wisdom, compassion and joy.
He was my lighthouse, my soul song.

May all sentient beings benefit
from his enlightened body, mind and holy spirit.


Image courtesy of Rebecca Wong
Image courtesy of Rebecca Wong

Signs and Signals

Through my support of nuns at Samtenling Nunnery (a project steered by Gyalpo Rinpoche) and my interest in Nepalese art and dance, I have nurtured an increasingly deep bond with the country.

The signs that Thrangu Rinpoche revealed to us on the 4th only confirmed my heart’s instinct that I was here for this once-in-a-lifetime farewell.

Before I came, he told me in a dream to wear Tibetan garb, for he was born in Tibet.

In the afternoon, while I was chanting and tuning into the magical spirit of the Nepalese Himalayan ranges, a shower of golden white light descended upon me, charging my aura and raising my spirit. It was an incredible experience that I shall never forget.

Rinpoche’s rainbow body. Image by Rebecca Wong

I witnessed another beautiful sign from the universe. After participating in a powerful ritual ceremony in Namo Buddha to honor the ascension of our master teacher, the sky opened up and a rain shower blessed us with a stunning rainbow. It reminded me of another rainbow I saw in June at my home in Hong Kong.

That rainbow, along with a beautiful little butterfly, appeared to me on 5 June, only a day after Thrangu Rinpoche had entered samadhi on the 4th of that month.

Rainbow in Hong Kong on 5 June. Image by Rebecca Wong

I feel so grateful and connected to the divine. And I feel so grateful to be connected to you, and the universe.

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