An Infidelity to the External World

I am the loaded question
the harmonious contradiction
the unreliable accomplice
the brave beggar.
I am the impenetrable fear
the undeniable attraction
the seething truth
the dream-like mirror.

I am the violent lover
the quiet dictator
the screaming coward
the raging heroine.
I will love and destroy you.
Create and consume you.
Eat you and spit you.
Enflame and cool you.

I am an
obvious mystery,
a cliched poem
a wanton recluse
a sick doctor.
I am the monk’s robe,
The whore’s heel
The mother’s kiss
The soldier’s gun.
I am a soul seducer
A telepathic hustler
A mind invader

An infidelity to the external world.

I drive the stars and moons,
emotions and moods
thoughts and dreams
I form the basis of all.
I am the delirious painter,
the crazy sculptor
the mad inventor
the inspired conductor.
I am poetry in motion.

I am breathing and dying
suffering and joy
desire and aversion
love and loss.
I am nothing
yet everything,
I am there when you die
and when you are born.
I am you, you are me,
to know me is to know the REAL you.
But there is no
one to KNOW.


No words, no concepts
No thoughts, no struggle
no ambition, no money
no objects, no suffering
no striving, striving, striving…

Silence, silence, silence…..
The infinite blinding light of

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