Border Dancer

Steve Braff


– to 4/4 swing at a 140 tempo –

Left Deer Gods’ land by way Siddhartha
cemented Highway six lanes south
bused on bumpy from Lumbini
Buddha born by Maya Devi
hip right holy to Shravasti
hit the border, pay the Levi
waiting, waiting toll booth stall
India sign some four foot small
drivers peering silent leering
spy the damsel up the by way
sari swathed she stand sway tall
slow her dancing lane to lane
wistful flowers bright for telling
prayers for selling, selling all.

Note: ‘Border Dancer’ is my homage to the woman who danced, blossoms for rupees, just past the tollbooths straddling the Nepal/India border.

Click here to listen to Steve’s reading of this poem on his Bandcamp profile.

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