When Silence Fails

It is almost exactly ten yearssince we shared drunken kissesin an unheated barin Chattanooga, Tennessee.Later that night, drunker still,a kiss broke into laughterwhen we rolled off my bedand fell to the floor. Ten years later: youstill in Tennessee, in Nashville, mein Phoenix, Arizona. A catch-upconversation: You told me aboutyour kidney transplants, addictionto pain medication, recovery,getting […]

In Praise of a Cat

— for Brother Ron Fender No tailor’s artistrycould equal the eleganceof my cat’s stripesas he walks into the bathroomwhere I’m taking a shit. Purring, he rubsagainst my legs.He accepts me on anyterms, comes closehowever I smell,loves me without illusion. He makes me ashamedof my own cowardice,of the times I have flinched,repulsed by the stenchof human […]

Six Haiku

zazen on verandatower block hermitagesirens and birdsong moving walkway at supermarketteenage couplekissing through smiles supermarket cafewoman sits talkingto herself grey windchasing brown leaveson broken path chill autumn evening —the t-shirt I pull onis warm from the dryer city centreman jaywalkssucking on vape pen Support Our Dharma Work