Six Haiku

zazen on verandatower block hermitagesirens and birdsong moving walkway at supermarketteenage couplekissing through smiles supermarket cafewoman sits talkingto herself grey windchasing brown leaveson broken path chill autumn evening —the t-shirt I pull onis warm from the dryer city centreman jaywalkssucking on vape pen Support Our Dharma Work

Cause and Effect

Scottish physicists declarethat the universe may stop expandingand implode instead English physicists declarethat neutrinos suggestthat effect could precede cause An American woman danceswith joy in a kitchen,laughing and singing, while a Scottish man melts butterin a skillet, breaks eggs,drops them in the butter, adds pepper and salt,flips the eggs with a spatula,adds more salt, more […]

Seven Haiku

winter morning —daylight arriveswithout a story snow plungesfrom tower block ledgeslike falling bodies duckling left behindpaddles to catch upwith mother and siblings children playing in ruins of millme 40 summers agowalking by today young woman pushing prambruise beneath her eyemorning rain zazen together, one breath4000 miles butno distance between us winter street —dog turd on […]


Frost on the ground,Condensation on the window.Maybe something brittlebroke along the way; I’ve learned there’s no such thingAs a perfect triangleAnd now there doesn’t seemThat much to say. Between seasons,Colours indistinct,Painted life in shadesNot quite of grey, No stone to be castBetween guilt and innocence,And now there doesn’t seemThat much to say. Water on the […]