Dr. Lyudmila Klasanova’s “Do You Want to Try? Yoga for Kids”

I am absolutely delighted to introduce a new book by our East Europe Correspondent, Lyudmila. This book is for children, but it is also a wonderful introduction for parents seeking an engaging and vivid way to introduce the ancient art of yoga to their kids. Yoga is in and of itself fun and fascinating, but the presentation of Do You Want to Try? Yoga for Kids brings various beginner poses (asanas) to life through animals, illustrating how each pose is infused with a certain quality. The book is published by Eternal Tree Books and will be released on 7 February 2022.

Few are better qualified to write about yoga than Lucy, who has spent a lifetime teaching yoga to diverse audiences. As both the artist and author of the book, Lucy takes us on a yoga journey reminiscent of a Jataka tale, a Buddhist pre-time fable inhabited by spirits, enlightened children, and talking animals. 

Lucy had some wonderful thoughts about her project, which she has shared on her personal profile: the book is dedicated to her young son, who turned four last December, and to all children who love to dream and yearn for the stars. 

 Photo by Dechko Stefanov

More about the book: Do You Want to Try? Yoga for Kids is a colorfully illustrated book of a child’s introduction to a range of simple yoga poses. Using animals and their corresponding yoga poses provides an easy way for a child to learn their first poses. Each animal suggests the child, named Kalsang, try the pose and express the animal’s character: “If you want to be like me, strong and majestic, try the lion pose.” Or “If you want to be more flexible, try the cat pose.”

Do You Want to Try: Yoga for Kids is not a how-to book, but builds familiarity with the poses by relating to their animal images. Kalsang, active and squirmy as most children are, dreams he will one day speak with animals. At night, he dreams of a teacher who shares with him the magical sound that will grant his wish. ‘Ommmm’ opens up his imagination and his dreams where he speaks to the animals, who share their secrets to their power, strength, and calm in the way they pose and stretch.

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