Narrow Road To The Inner Region 奥の細道: Episode 4

Narrow Road To The Inner Region 奥の細道: Words, Images and Sounds on the Way

Images and video by Oleg Yuzefpolsky

This series, “Narrow Road To The Inner Region 奥の細道,” is dedicated with Love to, and blessed and inspired by, the Mighty Himalayas herself and her beautiful people. “Narrow Road” is also an homage to the poet Matsuo Basho, a dear inspiration whose poetic travelogues have guided people like me for the past 300 years. In this way, through my visual travelogues, creative energies of ancient East converge with the musical drive of today’s world and bring Inspiration and Awe to my heart. I hope you feel it too.

Episode 4: Walking through Beyul – The Hidden Lands

Beyul, “the Hidden Lands,” denote the realms concealed by one of the founders and most brilliant masters of the Himalayan Tantric Buddhism, Guru Padmasabhava, while he was traveling through the Himalayas in 8th century. Guru Padmasabhava is revered as the second Buddha by the people of the entire Himalayan region for bringing immense wisdom of teachings and meditation practices into this world. Guru Padmasabhava is known to “hide” spiritual as well as material treasures through the Himalayan region, which are being discovered by people up to this day. . .


It’s raining where i’m,

but it’s clear ahead…

covering with love every little path, hill, mountain, lake, river, remote areas, deserted temples where there is nobody, but the Silence of the Eternal Aliveness. . .


The “ground” we walk on and depend on, the very bottom line and foundation of our belonging and feeling at home on this Earth is called Trust for Life. Losing it, is losing everything. Being in wild Nature, as close as possible to the elements, is what will restore your Trust.


Dress yourself with 4 precious inner jewels of eternal patience, intuitive action, joking & trust for life. Keep walking with them and you might stumble on Miracles Do Happen & Dreams Come True


Fear of taking a certain decision or action is an indication of a right choice. If you don’t let fear paralyze you & you take that step, fear will transform to become your own strength and a fuel for your further movement under the guidance of your knowing, screaming insight.


Knowledge is the information we gather from outside. Wisdom is the truth that appears inside of us. Knowledge is for the head, wisdom is from the heart. I met some wise people who had no education. And beware of educated loud mouths who lack the feeling in their heart. The very few swell-headed ones force the rivers backward only for the millions to be flooded with rains later on.


It is good when “the Forever” hides itself in the
names like “minutes”, or “years” or “Tuesday.”

Far away, far away is my home,
none can find it,
you have to be present at the birth of lightning
in the womb of a cloud,
you have to walk inside ancient monastery
and feel that paintings on the walls are YOU –
the possessed, the risen in love,
the power, the fire, the seven heavens,
the balanced…

Have you ever met
a Snow Lion yet?


If only you heard that bird before sunrise, you would stop searching for the meaning of life.

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