“Seven Line Prayer to Guru Padmasambhava” – A Milestone Translation and Song

I remember first listening to the magical Imee Ooi over the speakers of a souvenir shop at Ngong Ping Village, which leads to the famous Po Lin Monastery in Hong Kong. It was 2010. Her songs, which are contemporary renditions of Buddhist dharanis, mantras, and passages from Buddhist texts, evoke aural Pure Lands. Her ethereal, […]


I make offerings with my body, speech and mindMay we understand the principle of the LotusThe inherent purity of the mindThe jewel that is beyond contaminationIn this difficult times of poverty, sickness, ignorance, violence and greedPlease, Lotus Born, guide usOffer the shelter of your wisdom mindBring our experience to Dharma,Magnetizing our willEnhance our qualities and […]

Show me the Truth

This poem on insight and illusion was translated from Portuguese to English by Daniela Boeira. Show me the truth Honey is sweet by nature Offer me the most precious treasure The lamp that dissipates the darkness Within my hesitant mind Small and slow steps Your enlightened compassion does not waver While cutting sharply through illusions I […]