Nritya Mandala Mahavihara’s 10th Anniversary

From 21-22,  Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya’s center in Portland, Orgeon, celebrated its tenth anniversary, with much of the discussion centered on its unique position as the only Nepalese Buddhist temple in the West: it is well known that the unique expression of Newari Buddhism is gaining both academic and popular attention in Europe and North America. It was held with Henjyoji Shingon Temple, with Rev. Kosho Finch in attendance.

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Rabin Man Shakya has already written an excellent post about the day’s highlights. As he noted: “Nritya Mandala Mahavihara has been working to disseminate values of Newah [sic] Buddhism in the West. Similarly, various rituals like rice feeding ceremony, wedding ceremony, Bratbandha, Ihi and Bhimrathrohan rituals are also organized in the Mahavihara, Prajwal said.”  

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Over these past few days, music, culture, tradition, and good food were celebrated in a convivial atmosphere, with guests enjoying the company of the dance and music masters. There was also a “Mudra Movement Workshop” by Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya, in which he taught how we can attain health through “movement with intention,” gestures, and knowledge of the inner meanings of parts of the body and their five elements, hence helping the subtle body to come into balance.

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On both days, charya nritya dances were performed, with the dancers entering into a state of sadhana and embodying peaceful, semi-wrathful, and wrathful deities and expressing the five Buddha energies. There were also offerings made to divinities and couples were invited to dance. 

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This tenth anniversary celebration was a special coming together for the Portland community as well as those who had come from further away, but who treasure the tradition taught and preserved by Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya. 


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