Does God Exist? (for J. Krishnamurti)

If God created you,you must be extraordinary.If God made you, you mustbe beautiful, full of delight. Look at yourself? Are you thosethings?Either we have created God orGod has created us.In India I have been toldthat there are over 3,000gods.The irony of it!Thought worshiping thought.Oneself worshipped and called God.Notice it, The better part of ourselves. The local gods […]

The Buddhist Concept of Femininity in Western Thought

In Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, femininity is related to transcendental or primordial wisdom. The concept of feminine wisdom can be found in the Buddhist tradition but also in Western schools of thought in philosophy and science. There are profound representatives of the sacred feminine in Buddhism that share parallels, for example, in the applied science […]