Women in Indian Tantric Buddhism, Part Two

Dombipa and Dombi Yogini. Drawing by the author Tantric women who are mentioned in the biographies of the great mahasiddhas as their spiritual wives or teachers share their spiritual achievement. Among them are the female partners of Dombipa, Ganthapa, Babhaha, Karbaripa, Saraha, Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, Maitripa and others. Dombi Yogini. Drawing by the author


Chinnamunda (Tib. Uchema) is one of the most visually striking goddesses in the Vajrayana pantheon. Her name means “with a severed head.” She is regarded as a form of Vajrayogini and Vajravarahi and her Tibetan name is often found together with the names of the two goddesses: Dorje Naljorma (Vajrayogini Chinnamunda) and Dorje Phagmo Uchema […]

Simhamukha, the Lion-faced Dakini

Simhamukha is a wrathful goddess in Vajrayana Buddhism, whose name means “lion-faced.” Her Tibetan name Senge Dongma has the same meaning. She is considered a dakini who has attained the perfect state of Buddha. Although Simhamukha has the potential to manifest all enlightened activities, she is associated primarily with destructive or wrathful forces. The lion-faced […]


Featured image art: Troma Nagmo. From dharmatreasures.com  Krodhakali is a wrathful aspect of Vajrayogini, whose name means “the fierce Kali.” Her other Sanskrit names are Kalika, Krodheshwari, and Krishna Krodhini. Her Tibetan name Troma Nagmo means “the fierce black one.” In Tibet, she is also known as Phagmo Tronang, the “wrathful black Varahi”, which shows her […]

Maitridakini and Indradakini

Maitridakini and Indradakini Maitridakini, Tibet. From instabusters.net Maitridakini (Tib. Maitri Khacho) and Indradakini (Tib. Indra Khacho) are two manifestations of Vajrayogini (Tib. Dorje Naljorma), the supreme goddess in the pantheon of Vajrayana Buddhism. Just like her, they are perceived as an embodiment of complete Buddhahood in female form. Maitridakini is a Tantric goddess, originated from […]