Holy of Hollies

It is written that the almondsprung from thegenitals of theNear Eastern Goddess Cybele. And I thought that Iwas just eating nuts. They say that woman’sessence is in apricots and scallops, and floatslike the lotus and lily. But like some *sshole, I thought you were a ringto wear, some black stoneto venerate. I consecratethe stone and tried to wear it,like an amulet, makingyou […]

Sitatapatra: Goddess of Protection from Evil Forces

Sitatapatra with one face and two hands. From liveinternet.ru Sitatapatra (Tib. Dugkarmo) is a goddess of protection from supernatural dangers such as demons and any other harmful influences. Her name means “White Parasol” and she is perceived as a wrathful aspect of the bodhisattva of compassion Avalokiteshvara (Tib. Chenrezig). As an embodiment of one of […]

Vasudhara: Goddess of Abundance

Six Armed Vasudhara. From rywiki.tsadra.org Vasudhara (Tib. Norgyunma) is a goddess of wealth, fertility, and well-being. She blesses her worshipers with both material prosperity and spiritual wealth. Like most of the Mahayana goddesses, her heart is filled with compassion and loving-kindness toward all beings. She is the embodiment of the boundless generosity (dana), the first […]

Homage to Prajnaparamita

Prajnaparamita is the Buddhist goddess of wisdom, a personification of knowledge, revealed in the Prajnaparamita Sutras that laid the foundations of Mahayana Buddhism. The term combines the Sanskrit words prajna (wisdom) and paramita (perfection). Paramita is interpreted as having reached the opposite shore of samsara, and prajnaparamita is translated as “perfection of wisdom” or “transcendental […]