Does God Exist? (for J. Krishnamurti)

If God created you,you must be extraordinary.If God made you, you mustbe beautiful, full of delight. Look at yourself? Are you thosethings?Either we have created God orGod has created us.In India I have been toldthat there are over 3,000gods.The irony of it!Thought worshiping thought.Oneself worshipped and called God.Notice it, The better part of ourselves. The local gods […]

The Multifaceted Nature of Buddhist Yakshinis

The different faces of the yakshini. Drawing by the author Yakshini are mythical creatures in the Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist traditions, effectively representing the female counterparts of the male magical nature spirits, yaksha. The Sanskrit term yakshini is customarily translated as demoness. They are a class of demigoddesses, primarily tied to natural phenomena of growth and […]