I make offerings with my body, speech and mind
May we understand the principle of the Lotus
The inherent purity of the mind
The jewel that is beyond contamination
In this difficult times of poverty, sickness, ignorance, violence and greed

Please, Lotus Born, guide us
Offer the shelter of your wisdom mind
Bring our experience to Dharma,
Magnetizing our will
Enhance our qualities and merit
Help us to purify karma and habits
Cut through our attachments
And liberate us in the true body of reality

Possessing the hero’s heart mind
May we never stop loving
Helping and serving all beings

May we forget our common existence
The worldly dharmas
And offering without holding anything back
With the perfection from the ones who knows
Beyond the three spheres

May we accumulate merit and wisdom until our lotus mind blossom to complete enlightenment

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