A Boy Wielding a Sword. The Strong Connection with Nianfo, Part One

By Master Jiankai (translated by the Pure Land School Translation Team; edited by Householder Fojin) The merit of nianfo is inconceivable. Arguably, by committing countless transgressions and evil karmas life after life, sentient beings must suffer the retributions in the six realms and three domains as they are bound in samsara, much like fish confined […]

What Is Life?

Translated by the Pure Land Translation Team; edited by Householder Fojin. From purelandbuddhism.org By Master Huijing In the Buddhist Parable Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha explained to us “What exactly is life?” with a famous metaphor. The metaphor is like this. On a lonely autumn evening, in the endless wilderness, a traveler hobbled on his way. Suddenly, […]