The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong’s First International Conference

The Buddha-Dharma Centre (BDC) of Hong Kong, a Hong Kong-based institute for the scholarship and practice of Buddhism, is hosting its first international conference on Buddhist Studies from 23–24 June.

Titled “Diverse Perspectives and Approaches to East Asian Buddhism and Beyond,” the conference is being jointly organized by BDC and Dongguk University of Korea, and funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF).

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BDC’s founder, Prof. Ven. K.L. Dhammajoti, praised the involvement of Dongguk University, calling it “an internationally well-known university of Buddhist Studies in Korea. It has produced many good scholars of Buddhist Studies. We are delighted that they are keen to initiate academic exchanges with us, and we hope that this is the beginning of a sustained academic exchanges and association between BDCHK and the South Korean university.”

The panel will encompass the following scholars:

  • Prof. KL Dhammajoti (Renmin University of China),
  • Kyungrae Kim (Dongguk University),
  • G.A. Somaratne (University of Hong Kong),
  • Hayashidera Shoshun (Hokkaido University),
  • Eng Jin Ooi (Mahidol University),
  • HK Research Prof. Jiyun Kim (Dongguk University),
  • Prof Weishan (Renmin University of China),
  • HK Research Prof. Jayun Kim (Dongguk University)
  • Chongdok C.H. Park (Director, Buddhist Culture Research institute, Dongguk University),
  • Soonil Hwang (Dongguk University),
  • Pram Sounsamut (Chulalongkorn University),
  • Song Chong Lee (Seoul National University, Korea),
  • HK Research Prof. Ven Moonkwang K.W. Kwon (Dongguk University)
  • Brian Somers (Dongguk University)
  • Guangxing (The University of Hong Kong)
  • Tsui, Chung-hui (The University of Hong Kong)
Image by Raymond Lam

This is a stellar assemblage of quality scholars, devoted to the craft of Buddhist Studies, that will be meeting in Hong Kong for two days of academic exchanges about the latest in the study of Buddhism in East Asia. Two keynote speeches will be given by Ven. Dhammajoti on the 23rd (“Akliṣṭājñāna: Its Inspiration for Mahayana Buddhological Development”), and by Ven. Chongdok C.H. Park on the 24th (“Postulant Education within the Jogy Order of Korean Buddhism: Its Past, Present, and the Issues Facing the Future”). Ven. Chongdok C.H. Park is director of the Buddhist Culture Research Institute at Dongguk University.

Conference attendance is free but space is limited, so if you are in Hong Kong, do not miss this excellent scholarly event and unique collaboration between BDC and a renowned South Korean tertiary institution.

Founded in April 2012, the primary aim of BDC is to promote the integration of Buddhist Studies and Dharma practice, in accordance with the doctrine of the five spiritual faculties: faith, vigour, mindfulness, equipoise and wisdom.

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[CONFERENCE] Diverse Perspectives and Approaches to East Asian Buddhism and Beyond  (BDCHK)


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