The Colloquium of Six Religious Leaders of Hong Kong: Lunar New Year Message, 2023

The beginning of the New Year Gui Mao (癸卯, 2023) signals the end of a cold winter. Everything is revived, and the epidemic will, hopefully, subside soon. This is indeed a blessing for Hong Kong. The Colloquium of Six Religious Leaders cordially convey our prayers and blessings to everyone residing in Hong Kong. With the enlightenment and power of faith, we shall walk with the people of Hong Kong, help the poor, be a light to others, and together we shall build a path leading our society toward peace and justice.

Industries being hit hard by the pandemic yet to be revitalized. During this difficult time, we sincerely hope that the government and all sectors of society will work hand in hand to strengthen Hong Kong and the well-being of all the residents. The Six Religious Leaders of the Colloquium will continue to embrace the common vision and concern for Hong Kong, our Motherland, and the world in our future collaborations. We also pray that residents of Hong Kong will treat each other with faithfulness and loving kindness, and always strive for goodness with their hearts despite of challenges.

As the New Year begins, the Six Religious Leaders, once again, would like to pray for prosperity for our country and that the people of Hong Kong will join hands to rejuvenate our home, so that it will become a land of harmony and abundance.

The Colloquium of Six Religious Leaders of Hong Kong

Rev. Wong Ka Fai, Chairperson, Hong Kong Christian Council

Mr. Leung Tak Wah, Chairman, The Hong Kong Taoist Association

The Most Ven. Kuan Yun, President, The Hong Kong Buddhist Association

The Most Rev. Stephen Chow Sau Yan, S.J. Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong

Dr. Tong Yun Kai, President, The Confucian Academy

Mr. Tuet Sui Hong, Ali, Chairman, The Chinese Muslim Cultural and Fraternal Association

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