The Light that Is Too Close

Master Jingzong; translated by Foyi, edited by Fojin 

We cannot see far if our eyes are too close to the light. When dazzled by light that shines directly at us, our vision is blurred. However, if one stands with the light coming from behind, one can see more clearly. In the Universe, our sun is too close a source of light to us. During daytime when we are facing the sun, we cannot see the other stars in the sky as the sunlight blinds us. At night, when the sun moves away from us, the vast expanse of the starry space, deep and rich, is revealed before our very eyes.

During our life time, the light of life is so close and dazzling that we can only see a very small portion of life. The afterworld, which is more boundless, will reveal itself more completely.

The world after death, like the star-lit sky at night time, is more infinite.

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