A Minor Prayer for Galactic Peace

May all beings everywhere, in this galaxy and beyond,
find peace within ourselves, with others, and with Mother Earth.
May we rediscover health, joy, naturalness, and freedom.
May those in dark places know the emptiness of suffering.
May the demonic forces behind our enemies be extinguished by
Avalokiteshvara’s inexhaustible wisdom. May Mañjuśrī’s flaming sword
cut out the infection in our hearts with the softness of a lover’s embrace.
May all obstacles to dharma practice be cut off at the root.
May all karmic impediments to natural joy be burned away.
May we find the strength to withstand our burdens until
a better age makes our world a mandala of harmony and prosperity.
Homage to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas! Homage to all spiritual beings!
Homage to those who pray for peace!

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