A Minor Prayer for Galactic Peace

May all beings everywhere, in this galaxy and beyond,find peace within ourselves, with others, and with Mother Earth.May we rediscover health, joy, naturalness, and freedom.May those in dark places know the emptiness of suffering.May the demonic forces behind our enemies be extinguished byAvalokiteshvara’s inexhaustible wisdom. May Mañjuśrī’s flaming swordcut out the infection in our hearts […]

Two Masters on the Great Expanse (A Collage Poem)

Why make so much of fragmentary blue1
What we call ‘mind’ is not something that exists elsewhere;2

 in here and there a bird, or butterfly,1
so without being swept away and following wherever it leads,2

or flower, or wearing-stone, or open eye,1
look directly into its face, its very own essence—2

when heaven presents in sheets the solid hue?1
at that […]

A Taizé Service

Two weeks ago I had an opportunity to attend a Christian Taizé service at night in a church close to where I’m living. As a Buddhist, I enjoy jumping into new environments to learn about the religious practices of others. In the course of my inter-religious exploration I encounter devotion that strikes a chord, or […]

Dear Zhuangzi

Dear Zhuangzi, last night I dreamtwe were stargazing on a cloud of Dao.You were the butterfly. I was the human.Having woken up I was chased by a red-eyed boarthrough woods at night to a moonlit lake.I made my escape swimming vigorously and found reston the opposite shore. Taking time to remember,a dark cloud of defilement […]


O dear Shakyamuni Buddha, dear Tathagata, dear Bhagavan,seeing the truth of your Disenchantmentas solid and eminent as Boudhanath over Kathmandu,pointing at a regal constellation likea beggar child who believes it is close,I have yet to realize this Transcendence:someone’s lover lies in a stranger’s arms. O Siddhartha, if you strolled with me now,I would point out […]