Andromeda / Peace in Me

The number of stars contained in the Andromeda Galaxy is estimated at one trillion.
The expense of spirit in a waste of shame / Is lust in action.

The galaxy is inclined an estimated 77° relative to Earth.
All this the world well knows / To shun the heaven that leads [wo]men to this hell.

The rotational velocity has a maximum value of 225 kilometres per second.
Better than a thousand useless words is one useful word, hearing which one attains peace.

M31 is known to harbor a dense and compact star cluster at its very center.
Self-conquest is far better than the conquest of others.

The Andromeda Galaxy has satellite galaxies, consisting of 14 known dwarf galaxies.
Enduring patience is the highest austerity.

The Andromeda Galaxy is approaching the Milky Way at about 110 kilometres per second.
May I be an isle for those desiring landfall / And a lamp for those who wish for light.

Nearly half of the heavy elements made by its stars have been ejected.
Upon a heap of rubbish in the road-side ditch blooms a lotus, fragrant and pleasing.

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