Burn the Bridge After Crossing It

Master Jingzong; English translation by Foyuan, edited by Fojin

If a man finds faith in the Dharma in the course of secular learning, he should give up that learning and devote his energy to his new-found faith in order to derive the maximum benefits from the Dharma. This is called “burning the bridge after crossing it” and is the right thing to do.

Let faith take control of learning, and never let learning be divorced from faith.

It is wise and full of blessings for us to let faith take precedence over learning, even to the extent of giving up on the latter.

On the contrary, it is foolish and disastrous for us to give priority to learning and allow our faith to wane.

Learning is only good enough to be faith’s carriage, with the scholar being at the service of the Dharma practitioner.

Faith is the ultimate learning.

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